Classes for Hobbyists

Do you make sugar flowers as a hobby?  Do you want to increase or brush up on your repertoire?  Or would you like to start selling your cakes and need to learn how to make some popular wired sugar flowers?  Or do you already sell your cakes and want to include floral celebration cakes in your offer?  These classes can help you!

They have been designed for sugarcrafters who are used to working with flower paste (also known as petal paste and gum paste), have already made unwired sugar flowers and are now looking to move onto the next stage of making wired sugar flowers.  You will learn the skills and techniques to make each element of the flower and you will be encouraged to create flowers in your own style, so that you end up with a unique piece of sugar art.

The flowers in this series are very popular at the moment and can be used on Christmas, birthday, anniversary and wedding cakes or taped into an arrangement to keep and admire!

The classes are 2.5 hours and focussed on creating the flower, and with a maximum of 4 students in a class means there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions and perfect your skills, so you leave with the confidence to repeat them again and again.  You will also receive a detailed handout for future reference.

New dates coming soon!

Please contact me if you have any requests or queries.