Tea Rose Petal Cutters (set of 6)


This complete set of 6 tea rose petal cutters will enable you to create realistic blossoms in any size from 2cm to 10cm in diameter.

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Tea roses have the classic rose shape with their large, perfectly formed high centres and full blossoms, and are grown in a wide variety of colours.  They remain the most requested flower for wedding cakes, which is probably due to their timeless qualities.

I have designed this complete set of tea rose petal cutters to enable you to create realistic roses in any size from a 2cm bud to 10cm blossom in diameter.  Larger blossoms look great on a tiered wedding cake, or as a feature flower surrounded by smaller flowers on a single tiered cake.  A fast technique for creating a very large blossom is to start with a large polystyrene rose cone centre – the largest I have found is 5cm.  Then simply start with the smallest cutter and gradually increase the cutter size until you reach your perfect size blossom.

The cutters are made with 12mm stainless steel and are in the following sizes:

  • 3cm tall x 2.8cm wide
  • 4cm tall x 3.8cm wide
  • 5cm tall x 4.8cm wide
  • 6cm tall x 5.8cm wide
  • 7cm tall x 6.8cm wide
  • 8cm tall x 7.8cm wide

Each cutter has been hand crafted in the UK, using high quality stainless steel that cuts cleanly and consistently, is completely food safe and will last a lifetime.

They can be used with both edible and non-edible mediums, such as sugarpaste, flowerpaste, modelling paste, modelling chocolate and marzipan; and also cold porcelain, air drying polymer clay, modelling clay, precious metal clay and ceramics.

Postage is included for the UK, please email me (sarah@ewc-classes.com) for postage costs outside the UK.