Essential Sugarcraft Kit

If you are new to sugarcraft you will soon realise that there are hundreds of sugarcraft tools and materials available to buy, and it is very difficult to know which items are worth purchasing, so here is a list of what I believe are the essentials, most of which will last a life time! I have included affiliate links to each item on Amazon.

Non-stick board (Culpitt)

A solid non-stick board is essential when sugarcrafting; from rolling out your paste and all the stages of creating your sugar art.  Buy the largest board you can afford so that all your tools, colourings, brushes, glue and paste, can fit onto your board which will keep your table underneath clean.

Non-stick rolling pin 9” (PME)

A non-stick rolling pin will stop your paste from sticking to the pin, and a small 6 or 9” size is perfect for sugarcrafting. Obviously, for rolling out marzipan or sugarpaste for a cake a much larger rolling pin would be required – the longer the better!

Rolling pin guide rings (PME)

By slipping these rings on either end of your rolling pin will ensure that your paste is always rolled out to the same thickness – very clever! They come in 2 sizes, one set for the smaller rolling pins and one set for the larger rolling pins.

Tool caddy (PME)

This classic set contains all the essential tools needed for all kinds of sugarcrafting. Plus they come in a convenient caddy for easy storage. Be careful as cheap immitations are readily available!

Mini palette knife

This 6” palette knife has so many uses, and is without doubt, my favourite tool! Apart from trimming or cutting your paste to size, it can be used to lift and move your sugar art to avoid touching if it is delicate or still soft..

Craft knife

A good, sharp crafters knife is an invaluable tool, for cutting, trimming and modelling.  There are many different manufacturers, but I have chosen this one as it has a soft grip handle that is easy to use. The blades should be replaced frequently as they do have a tendency to rust.

Craft brushes (PME)

This set of 5 brushes are a perfect starter set for sugarcrafting. They can be used to brush on small amounts of edible glue to dusting colour onto your sugar art and also for painting. The plastic and silicone handles mean that the brushes won’t rot or peel. It is tempting to buy make-up brushes, but these aren’t always food safe, so its better to stick to the craft ones.

Dusting pouch (Wilton)

Cornflour is very useful for keeping your worksurface or paste dry and workable. This dusting pouch is well designed as it comes with its own storage pot so there is no mess. The cornflour to use is just what you can get in the supermarket.

Small Ruler

A 15cm stainless steel ruler is ideal for use with sugarcraft as it doesn’t stick to the paste and is hygienic to use as it can easily be cleaned The small size makes measuring much easier.

Craft scissors (PME)

Especially designed scissors with fine sharp blades to trim and cut paste.

Mexican and Flower Foam pad (FMM)

A set of 2 foam pads, one with holes in when using the Mexican hat technique. Foam pads are essential when thinning the edges of your paste, especially for flowers and leaves.

Bumpy Foam

Perfect material to leave sugar art to dry. Also by placing flowers and leaves over the bumps means that the paste dries with some movement which makes them look more natural.

Edible Glue (Squires Kitchen)

This is a good quality glue that can be used for all types of sugarcrafting. A little goes a long way, as too much glue will melt your sugarpaste. This small bottle will last a long time!

Colour pastes (Sugarflair)

A set of 10 highly concentrated, high quality edible colour pastes from Sugarflair. There are hundreds of different colour pastes on the market, but this is a good start. Colours can be mixed to create a multi-tude of colours.

Colour Dusts (Sugarflair)

A set of 6 high quality colour dusts to use on sugar art. The dusts can also be mixed with alcohol and made into paint.

More coming soon!